a close up photo of 2 blood coloured roses in bloom

Flower of the Month – June

There is a joy and freshness about this gorgeous acapella song by Eliza Flower which sounds like friends enjoying the open air together……

A sunny day with a cream 18thC building - a Georgian doorway and a 2 storey building with large windows all with tiled glass frames and an old fashioned lampost outside

Eliza Flower in Harlow

We are thrilled to have brought Eliza Flower’s music back to her home town of Harlow in Essex for the very 1st time – have a look to see what we got up to…

A close up of lily of the valley flowers peeping out of their shiny green leaves

Flower of the Month – May

A Scottish song for May full of flowers and bird song by Eliza Flower with words by a poet from Kelso and a wee nod to Robert Burns

A bright and colourful photo of an oil painting showing flowers, a river and fields and images of the 4 Seasons

Newcastle Flower Performance May 5th


We’re bringing the wonderful music of Eliza Flower to Newcastle on May 5th in a collaboration with Newcastle University and BBC New Generation Thinker and NUAcT Fellow Dr Oskar Jensen

A picture very close up of pink and white sweet pea flowers in bloom

Flower of the Month – April

This beautiful song for April by Eliza Flower was published in 1834 but still feels fresh and original, heralding hope for the future in the renewal of spring

Flower of the Month – March

This March song is full of sound and fury in this video extract from a recent performance of Eliza Flower’s music in her home town of Harlow …..

A bright and colourful photo of an oil painting showing flowers, a river and fields and images of the 4 Seasons

Flowers of the Seasons – St John’s ARC Programme

For those of you joining us to celebrate the music of Eliza Flower at St John’s ARC on Sunday 25th Feb 2024 – this might be useful!

colourful pictures of the 4 seasons with 4 women's heads around the picture of Eliza Flower in the centre

The Flower Project YOUNG SINGERS PROGRAMME (Essex) February 2024

Join our fun vocal workshops and be among the first in Harlow to sing the protest songs of local composer and radical feminist Eliza Flower for 200 years….. It’s FREE – oh and there will be pizza!

Flower of the Month – February

This month contains “Valentine’s Day” the perfect excuse in 1834 for Eliza Flower to write an uncharacteristically romantic song …….

yellow and purple crocuses push through the snow and a huge broken amonite fossil sits in front of them

A Chime for the New Year

Hither, hither, come all and bring, To the year’s first born a welcoming.
ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE wish 2024 will bring peace, light and music to everyone and particularly those who need it most.