Entomologists Anonymous – Minerva Scientifica


Entomologists Anonymous – Minerva Scientifica

A Workshop and Performance Project developed for Ferndown Upper School in collaboration with Soroptimist International Bournemouth and Bournemouth University

 ‘Once hooked on the microscope, life can never be long enough’.  Miriam Rothschild


Minerva Scientifica – Eva Crane Soundscape by Frances M Lynch for playback

How doth the little busy bee by Karen Wimhurst for solo voice

Entomologists Anonymous – by FM Lynch for 90 voices

“Insects” – a group of new works by Ferndown Upper School

Minerva Scientifica –Miriam Rothschild Soundscape by Frances M Lynch for playback

Miriam by Karen Wimhurst for bass clarinet and voice

Miriam 5


  • To introduce Minerva Scientifica –  promoting awareness of women in science and music
  • To encourage the use of the voice for individuals and for group singing
  • To introduce the life and work of Miriam Rothschild and her work on fleas and butterflies and wild flower meadows.
  • To develop an understanding of the classification system used to identify insects.
  • To create with each group a layered vocal work inspired by insect classification
  • To rehearse and perform their works alongside as part of the professional performance on October 19th
  • To research and record the names of women in science as part of a sound work played in the performance
  • To reflect on the process and ideas generated by the project and their future application