Electric Voice Theatre

Registered charity no:1194881

An award-winning contemporary music-theatre acappella ensemble, commissioning, creating, researching and performing vocal music by women composers for theatrical performance, participating in creative multi-disciplinary collaborations, and delivering workshops connecting children and adults to their local creative and cultural environment.

Four people standing in a row holding music scores in their hands and smiling at usJanuary Course Performance
Sat 27th Jan
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square
London, WC1R 4R
Admission Free by invitation only
(contact us here for an invitation!)

Misfolding Exhibition

A colourful coil of fibre - which becomes a string of dots with letters referring to the TAU protein which becomes a series of musical notes on a stave

Five audio-visual works that draw inspiration from scientific research to explore the biology behind Alzheimer’s disease

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Flower of the Month – March

This March song is full of sound and fury in this video extract from a recent performance of Eliza Flower’s music in her home town of Harlow …..

A bright and colourful photo of an oil painting showing flowers, a river and fields and images of the 4 Seasons

Flowers of the Seasons – St John’s ARC Programme

For those of you joining us to celebrate the music of Eliza Flower at St John’s ARC on Sunday 25th Feb 2024 – this might be useful!

colourful pictures of the 4 seasons with 4 women's heads around the picture of Eliza Flower in the centre

The Flower Project YOUNG SINGERS PROGRAMME (Essex) February 2024

Join our fun vocal workshops and be among the first in Harlow to sing the protest songs of local composer and radical feminist Eliza Flower for 200 years….. It’s FREE – oh and there will be pizza!

Tune In

A Song for Mary Anning 

Created for the unveiling of a statue of
Palaeontologist Mary Anning (1799 – 1847)
by sculptor Denise Dutton
on May 21st 2022 in Lyme Regis
commissioned by
Mary Anning Rocks

Film by Jack Sewell

Minerva Scientifica

Sepia drawing of the head of the composer surrounded by flowersEliza Flower (1803 – 1846)
Composer, Singer
Radical Thinker!


Minerva Scientifica sets out to shine a light on Women Scientists and Composers in history and the present day, telling remarkable stories of women who have succeeded against the odds, inspiring the next generation of women to smash through the glass ceiling.

End of Ebba Centre Performance Picture

ECHOES is an ever-growing touring project with and for local communities which focuses on the lives and work of women scientists and composers from each area we visit. New music is created with school groups, community choirs, instrumental ensembles and orchestras in collaboration with local scientists and the evt composers and performers. Contact us now to discuss how to bring the project to your area.

Minerva Scientifica has developed a wide range of flexible performance and lecture recital programmes perfect for Music and Science Festivals, Concert Venues, Theatres, Exhibitions, Conferences, Rural Touring, Schools, Universities and anywhere women in music and science are celebrated.

Audience Workshop British Science Week 2016

Minerva Scientifica has created a series of outreach projects associated with the Performance Programmes in collaboration with the Museum of Life Sciences – King’s College London, and with individual composers and scientists. Have a look at our contribution to British Science Week 2016.


Minerva Scientifica is currently developing a number of new projects featuring women scientists past and present in collaboration with institutions, composers and scientists. If you would like to find out more about developing a new project with us please contact us now.