Electric Voice Theatre

Registered charity no:1194881

Movement For Good - Nominate us today

The Movement for Good Awards is an annual programme of giving. You can nominate ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE for a £1,000 award from the last draw of 2023. The more nominations we get, the greater our chances of winning, so spread the word!

Deadline to be included for Draw: 17th December 2023.


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Any donation you can make will be very much appreciated and will help us continue our many and varied projects throughout the UK.

You can donate via Paypal Giving Fund where you will be sure that the full amount of your donation will reach us.

Gift Aid is also available, look out for how to do this in the confirmation email Paypal sends when you make your donation.


Our charmingly infrequent newsletter will keep you up to date with our latest projects and events

Many thanks to all who supported us past and present

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