Scottish Superwomen of Science

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 Premiered at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Aug 5th – 27th 2017

Judith Weir – Master of the Queen’s Music and patron of Minerva Scientifica – writes…”…the only equivalent I can think of to Fran’s extraordinary one-hour recitation in song and speech is Max’s equally demanding solo soprano work The Medium.”   READ MORE HERE 

The performance features Integrated Audio Description, and was the first ever at the Fringe to feature a Touch Tour which is also available for Touring Venues, as is a BSL Signed Performance.

Scottish Superwomen of Science – Minerva Scientifica

The performance features six scientists from history, their stories told through the music of Scottish composers and illustrated by the drawings of Amy Whiten. (photos by Herbie Clarke)

Their stories are interwoven with traditional Scottish music and music by Scottish women composers, whose work is rarely acknowledged.  They are interspersed with sections covering many other scientists past and present and their disciplines…. Biology, Chemistry, Maths………

Anne Hunter – Greenlaw (1742–1821)
Isabella Scott Gibson – Edinburgh (1786–1838)
Lady Alicia Scott – Berwickshire (1812–1886)
Isobel Dunlop (1901-75)
Marie Dare –Edinburgh (1902-1976)
Helen Hopekirk – Edinburgh/Boston (1856–1945)
Frances M Lynch – Glasgow (b. 1959)
Dr John Hails  – Edinburgh (b. 1978 )
Ceylan Hay – Ayrshire (b.1990)
Canal View School Primary 6 – Edinburgh (b. 2007 c.)

“My pupils loved the project. It was great to see their confidence grow and their understanding of science develop. One pupil in particular who doesn’t normally speak was very confident in speaking to the scientists!” Ellidh Mears, Teacher, Primary 6, Canal View School

Scottish Superwomen of Science and was created by electric voice theatre in collaboration with Catherine Booth, National Library of ScotlandScottish Music Centre: Dr Pam Cameron, Novo ScienceEdinburgh Napier University; Canal View Primary School, Wester Hailes; and many other scientists and musicians who have given advice, interviews and support!  Have a look at this video to get a flavour of  one of our Edinburgh Outreach Projects:-

Scottish Superwomen of Science  organised and took part in a number of  performances, events and projects in Edinburgh last year…. here are just some of them……

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