Minerva Scientifica Connections 2020 Review of the Year

Meet the electric voice theatre team!
Explore the explosion of online creativity that marked this very unusual year.
You will find Women in STEAMM past and present, podcasts, workshops, talks and loads of music!

Echoes from Essex – an Art/Sci Lockdown Fest

I’ve no idea where the stereotype of Essex Girls comes from – considering the ones we’ve found out about and worked with during our Echoes from Essex project this lockdown summer  – we’ve found incredible stories of women in STEAMM from as far back as the 17th century and made some wonderful music along the way. 

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebrations February 2021

Celebrate the historical characters on our Minerva Scientifica website this February – you will find podcasts, videos, music, photographs, food and nutrition, munitions, aeroplanes, birds, plants and fossils……