Minerva Scientifica


An evolving music-theatre project reflecting the lives and work of British Women Scientists told through the music of British Women Composers.

Go to our dedicated website to find out more about the scientists and composers who have featured on our projects past and present www.minervascientifica.co.uk

Minerva Scientifica sets out to look at the links that exist between women scientists in history and the present day and to find ways of increasing public engagement with the physical science and with the issues encountered by expert female scientists through a parallel exposure to women composers and artists.

Click the link for details of our Minerva Scientifica Echoes Projects, exploring connections with women scientists and composers in touring locations throughout the UK

We commission new work from important and emerging British women composers and support performances with lectures, debates and workshops at schools, universities, science and arts centres, events and festivals. These provide unique opportunities for engaging with young women still at the stage of deciding what their future will be, creating possibilities for them to meet and work with the scientists and artists involved, and to develop their own pieces of research and/or music and performance.


Minerva Scientifica:- Performance Programmes

Minerva Scientifica are continually developing flexible performance programmes perfect for Music and Science Festivals, Concert Venues, Theatres, Exhibitions, Conferences, Rural Touring, Schools, Universities and anywhere women in music and science are celebrated. Please click on the links below for more information about each programme and contact us to book. All are available for booking NOW.

  • The Echoes Project touring across the UK with a flexible programme adapted to Echo women in music and science from each location
  • The Franklin Effect for vocal quartet and speaker Inspired by Rosalind Franklin, featuring work by Plowman, Whitley, Frances-Hoad and Thompson
  • Scottish Superwomen of Science for solo spoken and sung voice with sound track accompaniments, a five star Edinburgh Fringe show.
  • Superwomen of Science for solo singer and sound collage, an award winning historical tour of UK women scientists through the eyes of contemporary composers
  • Entomologists Anonymous for solo voice and Clarinet, featuring “Miriam” by Karen Wimhurst
  • Mary Anning for solo voice and stones, a programme about the Victorian Palaeontologist with a scientific introduction
  • Minerva Mathematica for vocal quintet, featuring Ada Lovelace and the work of Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Minerva Mathematica at the Science Museum, London

Minerva Scientifica:- Outreach

Audience Workshop British Science Week 2016

Minerva Scientifica has created a series of outreach projects associated with the Performance Programmes in collaboration with the Museum of Life Sciences – King’s College London, and with individual composers and scientists. Outreach programmes are available with all the performance programmes, and are tailored to meet local needs. Have a look at our contribution to British Science Week 2016….

Minerva Scientifica: – Get Involved!

Form-FillingMinerva Scientifica is currently developing a number of new projects featuring women scientists past and present in collaboration with institutions, composers and scientists.
Our most recent collaboration is with Newcastle University which involved a successful music and science Lab event at the Sage Gateshead on September 8th 2016. Click here to see the video about this event.
We are always looking for new partnerships and new directions for Minerva Scientifica, so if you would like to find out more about developing a new project with us please contact us now……

Minerva Scientifica:- The Franklin Effect CD

First Hand Records, The Franklin Effect CD Cover

A set of variations for vocal quartet, focusing on the work of DNA scientist ROSALIND FRANKLIN (1920-1958) at King’s College, London and her inspiration through four of the College’s current female scientists in collaboration with four composers – FRANCES-HOAD, WHITLEY, THOMPSON & PLOWMAN. It is available now from First Hand Records for only £9.99 + p&p. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PREVIEW VIDEO AND HERE TO BUY NOW!