Joyful Music for Christmas

Wishing you a very joyful Christmas from all of us at electric voice theatre with this special festive musical treat…..

A fantastic new song for Mary Anning

We’ve been working with young composer and singer Cohen Baulch to record and arrange her winning song “Mary” from our Mary Anning Song Competition – you’ve just got to hear it!!!

A change of trustees at EVT CIO

ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE is now a CIO with a very distinguished board of Trustees which has just had a bit of a reshuffle that is both sad and ELECTRIFYING all at once!……….

A Song for Mary Anning

Check out this fabulous film for our “Song for Mary Anning” by Jack Sewell with lots of help from children from local Devon School who did the singing too!…………………

Joanna Baillie & The Somerville Connexion

What are the Somerville Connexions between Joanna Baillie, Ludwig van Beethoven and Sir Walter Scott? And why is EVT promoting a male composer?!!

St Columba’s Women

See the video of our British Sign Language interpreted celebration of the life of St Columba on the 1,500th Anniversary of his birth, through the sacred music of women composers…..