“Mary” by Cohen Baulch (aged 9)
is all about palaeontologist
Mary Anning (1799 – 1847)

“I have always loved Mary and her story and this inspired me to write her song. I also love looking for shells and fossils when I was little, we sometimes visit her grave, it inspired me when Mary’s dad died but she still carries on hunting for fossils to help the family with little tray by her side”

Cohen won the Music Prize with this song in the electric voice theatre Mary Anning Children’s Song Competition in 2022. You can read more about the competition and how we made a song for Mary Anning using all the winning entries here.



Since the winners were announced in the summer, Cohen has been working hard with Frances & Herbie from electric voice theatre to add the finishing touches to her song. She recorded it at home and it was produced in our studio – we really hope you enjoy listening – we love it!!
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Cohen is pictured visiting the statue of Mary Anning (1799 – 1847) in Lyme Regis, created by sculptor Denise Dutton and commissioned by Mary Anning Rocks 

Cohen is wearing an orange wooly hat, pink jumper and dark skirt. Her foot is resting on the base of the statue of Mary Anning - it's bronze, and she is dressed in victorian clothes, with a bonnet and shawl, a basket on her arm, a hammer in one hand and an ammonite fossil in the other. Her dog tray is trotting along beside her