Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebrations

August 2021
Autumn Season 2021 Preview!

August Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebrations, and a sneak preview of events in Autumn 2021

Another NEW PODCAST kicks off our August collection of 3 women who between them span 2 centuries, poetry, music, entomology and horticulture.

You will be amazed at the woman whose extraordinary life has left us many important legacies, including our nature reserves; a poet and composer from the C18th whose beautiful songs we still sing today and a gardener whose work you can see in every garden in the UK today. Check out the links on their birth dates to find out more, and explore our EVENTS CALENDAR.

Music this month is by Imogen Holst, Elspeth Manders, Karen Wimhurst, Helen Hopekirk, and Carolina Nairne.


5th   1908 Miriam Rothschild Entomologist and Conservationist
16th 1766 Carolina Nairne – Composer, Poet, Musician
19th 1858 Ellen Willmott  – Botanist

“Warley Place” an oil painting by Elspeth Manders

A flea coloured pink highly magnified
Black and White sketch of the composer's face

Autumn Season 2021 Preview

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 1st Live Performance in almost 2 years
Sept 3rd, Stroud Green Festival

A lady singing , making sound waves picked up on computer by a child with lots of coloured circles containing scientific objects

A semi-staged BSL Interpreted concert
Performed by an electric voice theatre acapella quartet


The front page of a book of children's music published in 1881 "The Mole and the Bat" which is greenish with the animals playing a cello & Piano!

 Autumn 2021 Season
in association with our Artistic Director
Frances M Lynch

Look our for a huge range of EVENTS and ACTIVITIES online in this new project featuring music by women composers from the UK past & present. Details of how to join in or book tickets for events will be available very soon!

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Upcoming ZOOM Performances include:

Sept 11th – Yorkshire Fossil Festival
Oct 2nd – UK Fungus Day
Oct 17th – Sidmouth Science Festival
Nov 18th – Marine Biological Association