Summertime, July 2021 and time for more Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebrations!

As well as the release of a brand new episode of our PODCAST SERIES, you will find a very unusual mix of  5 women whose achievements in music and science had impacts beyond their own lives.

We climb into the cockpit of a famous pilot, find out some of the secrets of Bletchley Park, hear music from a celebrated C18th composer and singer, revisit our centenary celebrations featuring photo 51 and finish the month with the strange underground story of the Wood Wide Web.

Check out the links on their birth dates to find out more, and explore our EVENTS CALENDAR.

An engraving of 2 female characters facing each other - one doing maths and the other music


1st   1903 Amy Johnson Aeronautical Engineer & Pilot
7th   1924 Jean Valentine – Codebreaker WW2
7th   1749 Maria Barthélemon – Composer, Singer & Keyboardist
25th 1920 Rosalind FranklinX-ray Crystallographer
28th  1866 Beatrix Potter – Mycologist

a beautiful drawing by Beatrix Potter with mycological details of fungi


July 10th

“Virus – in molecular mode”
for vocal samples and electronics
Music & Words by Frances M Lynch
In collaboration with Brian Sutton, Professor of Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London.

Inspired by the work of Dr Rosalind Franklin on Virus Structure

NEW PODCAST in the series
Women in Science & Music: 30 Celebrations

Episode 20: Beatrix Potter and the Wood Wide Web

Available on July 28th from 12noon