Aug 05 2021

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration: Miriam Rothschild NEW PODCAST

5th August 2021Miriam Rothschild
Entomologist and Conservationist
BORN 5th August 1908, Ashton Wold, Northamptonshire, England

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PODCAST SERIES Episode 21: A passion for fleas
Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations

Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005)
Fleas can jump much further than any human athlete – up to ten times their own body length. That’s just one of the many intriguing facts related by Miriam Rothschild, an extraordinary scientist who started collecting butterflies and ladybirds when she was four and grew up to become one of the world’s leading entomologists. Insects often seem small and annoying, but they are crucial contributors to ecological diversity – and Miriam Rothschild was a pioneer in conservation who introduced wildflower meadows and launched the UK’s nature reserves. Her philanthropic activities included caring for Jewish refugees, founding an institute for research into schizophrenia and supporting Human Rights movements.

Dr Patricia Fara – Science Historian, Emeritus Fellow of Clare College Cambridge
Peter Smithers – Entomologist, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society

“Miriam” (2013) an opera by KAREN WIMHURST for solo voice and bass clarinet; Written in association with Peter Smithers, FRES, and Dr. Ruth Gilbert; Words by Miriam Rothschild; performed by Frances M Lynch (voice) and Karen Wimhurst (bass clarinet); first performed in Sept 2013, St Andrew’s University, Scotland,  part of Ento ’13, the Royal Entomological Society International Symposium and Annual National Science Meeting

To find out more about Miriam Rothschild please go to her page on the Minerva Scientifica Website

Karen Wimhurst as the flea and Frances M Lynch as Miriam Rothschild

A flea coloured pink highly magnified

A flea

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