Echoes illustration by Amy Whiten

Echoes from the UK

 Sing a Song of Science

Help us sing some songs of science, find a special crab that’s deep in the mud, sweep the stars (don’t forget to have a brush with you), tell off a contrary Mary, dig with the Trowelblazers, engineer some music, and find out what Beatrix Potter and her postman have to do with science.
Phew! Biology, Astronomy, Maths, Geology and Engineering were never more fun.
You can sing and join in the actions and expect to be astonished by the amazing discoveries made by some the UK’s most important women scientists.

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Frances and Herbie perform music for guitar and sweeping brush in a classroom on the Isle of Coll

Frances M Lynch, Herbie Clarke and children from Aberdour School, Isle of Coll


 Sing a Song of Science
July  21st  4 – 4.45pm ZOOM

Performers from electric voice theatre
Frances M Lynch – Singer and Narrator
Herbie Clarke – Guitarist and Singer

click on the links below to hear some of the songs as they were recorded on projects around the UK

“Echoes from the UK (RIGHT HERE!)” by Frances M Lynch – unaccompanied voices

“I want to be an engineer” by Frances M Lynch – unaccompanied voices – How many different things do engineers do?

Frances performing, carrying a basket, in front of a giant line drawing of Mary Somerville who is toddling in the sea looking for fossils with a basket - behind her are loads of women

MARY SOMERVILLE Burntisland (1780-1872) Mathematician

“Mary Mary, Mary Somerville” by Frances M Lynch and the children of P6 Aberdour Primary School for voices and guitar
Mary Mary quite contrary was so curious she would wander everywhere looking for fossils, birds, and examining the natural world. She became a world famous astronomer and mathematician during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Another astronomer started out as a housekeeper, but was soon world famous for her discoveries – particularly the horse head nebula …….
“Williamina, Astronomer fae Dundee” by Frances M Lynch for solo voice and sweeping brushes

What is a geologist and why would she need a trowel?
“Trowelblazers” by Frances M Lynch for electronic track, voices and trowels

a beautiful drawing by Beatrix Potter with mycological details of fungi

One of Beatrix Potter’s Mycology drawings Source-Armitt Museum and Library

And you thought Beatrix Potter just wrote lovely books about Peter Rabbit! Well we another story about her altogether……
eatrix Potter and the Postman” by Frances M Lynch for unaccompanied voices

Dr Diele is my our very good friend – she spends a lot of time helping to save the Mangrove Crab in Brazil with her arms deep in mud!!!!
Oh! Mangrove Crab – deep in the mud” by Frances M Lynch and 100 children from Eyemouth Primary 6 & 7 for voices and guitar (click here to hear this song – you can practice ready to sing along)

“The March of the Women of Science” by Mary Maxwell Campbell for voices and tracks.

Bright yellow background with ECHOES Minerva Scientifica on it - and a drawing of a woman singing, making Echoes with loads of science bubbles!

The electric voice theatre  team on this project

  • Frances M Lynch – Soprano, Composer, Researcher, Writer, Artistic Director
  • Herbie Clarke – Guitar, Sound Design
  • Catherine Booth – Science Historian
  • Amy Whiten – Set illustrations

Created by electric voice theatre, Echoes is a Minerva Scientifica project that brings together professional performers with community musicians and school children. Together, we raise awareness of the rich heritage and deep connections between music and science, and inspire the next generation of future scientists.

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