Baking the GRANT LOAF

with Herbie Clarke
in the evt kitchen!

On January 23rd 2021
electric voice theatre set out to test a recipe for

The Grant Loaf just out of the oven on a wire rack

by historian Catherine Booth
which she adapted from the original by

Doris Grant
who was born on January 23rd 1905

Herbie Clarke was our STAR BAKER
– and very tasty and easy it all was…!
The music was especially written for the occasion of Grant’s Birthday
No Need To Knead” by Frances M Lynch
for String quartet, speaker and 2 female singers
written & recorded on January 21st – 22nd 2021

It is essentially a recipe for the famous “GRANT LOAF” which needed no kneading!
The voices are all performed by the composer and currently the strings are simulated as a proper recording is not yet possible (Covid-19).

DORIS GRANT (1905 – 2003)Doris Grant photo

Grant was ahead of her time, advocating for organic whole foods and against chemicals (she called them “chemical dragons”) and some of the nasty things then added to flour like chalk and agene (nitrogen trichloride, used for bleaching white flour). She was an early voice shouting about the evils of white sugar and white bread – or “murdered bread” as she called it. She was a firm believer in the Hay diet and generally encouraged a healthy approach to eating, starting during WW2 and continuing into her 90’s.  The picture below shows the many titles she produced during her long career, all aimed at encouraging better food choices. You can find out more about her food and health campaigning and the impact it had in the UK on our sister site here 

7 books about healthy eating by Doris Grant

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