Flowers of Spring Podcast

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This is a birthday celebration podcast for this unsung composer who was born on April 19th, 1803. Its a snippet of a much longer conversation between our ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE artistic director, Frances M Lynch and music historian, Oskar Jensen – NUAcT Fellow in Music at Newcastle University and BBC New Generation Thinker for 2022.

A woman with long red hair and a man in a blue jumper are standing in front of a huge fireplace . The woman is pointing up at 2 small drawings of young women and a large portrait of a man from Victorian times

We met in the libary at Conway Hall,Red Lion Square, London, where we were overlooked by the beautiful images of both Eliza Flower and her sister, Sarah Flower Adams which hang in pride of place above the enormous fire place. We were also surrounded by scores and books, letter and magazines featuring Eliza Flower’s music and life which the Conway Hall Ethical Society kindly gave us access to. Our discussion, recorded on March 15th 2023, focused on the music we were considering using to create our Zoom Concert on April 4th 2023 – “Flowers of Spring – Politics, Power & Poverty”.

We would like to thank the Conway Hall Ethical Society for supporting this podcast, providing access to their archive and for permission to use the photographs taken that day by Herbie Clarke in the library.