Come to thy home!
Eliza Flower (1803–1846)
for solo voice and piano
performed by
Garreth Romain – Countertenor
Frances M Lynch – Piano

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Garreth Romain

A man in a blue jumper wearing black headphones and glasses is singing from music on a stand into a microphone

Hi there. I’m Garreth Romain – a countertenor based in London, originally from Yorkshire where I started singing as a chorister at Bradford Cathedral. I recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and now freelance with companies like Blackheath Opera and Chineke! Voices.
This is the 2nd Song of the Month I’ve recorded for Electric Voice Theatre – I was one of the Flower Singers for June – the sessions made me feel like a better singer!
I love dancing. The classes I attend at Pineapple Studios address lots of things I apply to singing like facial expressions, characterisation and storytelling.

Sepia drawing of the head of the composer surrounded by flowers

Eliza Flower (1803 – 1846)

Tinted lithograph of a drawing by Mrs E Bridell Fox, 1898/99 courtesy of Conway Hall Ethical Society

In nature the flower of this month is the chrysanthemum which symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and joy.

close up photo of 2 chrysanthemum flowers - the one of the left is white with a yellow centre and the other is pink with a pink centre

Come to thy home!
“Songs of the Months”
published by A J Novello, December 1834

The short editorial introduction explains that each song appeared throughout 1834 in the Monthly Repository – a publication associated with South Place Chapel where Flower’s life and work was based.

We are releasing each song in its allotted month during 2023. Please go to our Flower of the Month page for more information and to hear all of the songs we’ve recorded so far.

The photo of Garreth Romain was taken by Herbie Clarke during the recording session at Birnam Studios on Nov 4th 2023

Come to thy home!

 Sarah Flower Adams (1805-1848)

Come to thy home, beloved!
The time for thy toil is ending:
I’ve made thee a rest, come see,
Where our last few flowers are bending
A sweet farewell to thee!
Come to thy home, beloved!

Come to thy home, beloved!
The mists they are thick love, remember;
We’ve no autumn’s mellow sun,
It is dull and drear November,
And thy way a weary one!
Come to thy home, beloved!

Come to thy home, beloved!
There’s an eye that longs to meet thee;
And the fire is blazing clear,
And O! such a heart to greet thee.
Will that not tempt thee here?
Come to thy home, beloved!

Come to thy home, beloved!
Come! How the vapour thickens.
Will this watching ne’er be past?
There’s a footstep – Hark! It quickens
Ah! Thou art here at last-
Here, at thy home beloved!

A black and white drawing of a girl with soft curls to her shoulders

The words of the song were written by Eliza’s sister

Sarah Flower Adams (1805-1848)
Poet, Singer and Actor

Sarah’s words seem to hold so many ideas – the nearing of an ending, or the beginning of something new, an arrival to a welcoming home full of love at the end of a struggle for the month of November or perhaps for the sisters themselves.  Eliza’s setting is deceptively simple, it’s glorious to sing, simple enough for anyone to try, but complex enough to offer challenges of interpretation to any more experienced singers.

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