Jean Valentine - WW2 Wren


Jul 07 2020

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration

July 7th

“Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations”

Episode 8: Secrets of Bletchley Park

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This episode is in honour of the birthday of a secret codebreaker who worked at Bletchley Park during WW2. You will have to listen to find out her name!

The science historian is Catherine Booth and the music is from “A Cryptograhers Crossword” by Frances M Lynch sung by Margaret Cameron and the composer, accompanied by the sound of the Bombe machine at Bletchley Park .
Many thanks to Culture Perth and Kinross for inviting us to investigate the life of J*** V********  during our Echoes from Perthshire project in 2019, and to the children of Letham and Errol Primary schools who made their own drums and became the bombe machine for our performances there. We would like to thank Bletchley Park and particularly the staff and volunteers at The National Museum of Computing for arranging a special visit to see and hear the bombe machine in action. Thanks also to J*** V******** ’s family for their help and support in creating a page for her on our website, and to Professor Sue Black, for helping us locate them, and for helping to make sure that Bletchley Park has survived for us all to continue to visit.

Jean Valentine - WW2 Wren

The series presenter is Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director of electric voice theatre.
Minerva Scientifica – Connections 2020

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