Apr 18 2021

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration: Charlotte Murchison

18th April 2021Charlotte Murchison
BORN 18th April 1788, Hampshire, England

Charlotte Murchison (1788-1869) was known by her contemporaries as a skilled and knowledgeable geologist. She introduced her husband, Roderick Murchison, to the subject, and spent her life travelling with him and finding fossils for his collection. He received many awards and honours including a knighthood – she got nothing!

TrowelBlazers by Frances M Lynch
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TrowelBlazers is dedicated to an inspirational group of women working in earth sciences who celebrate the history of women in their disciplines – This song features Charlotte Murchison and fellow geologists Rosemary Strachan Hutton and Maria Ogilvie Gordon; a composer/geologist Alicia Ann Spottiswoode (Lady John Scott); Conchologist Mary Lyell, and the voices of geologists from Edinburgh University – Prof. Kathy Whaler and Lara Kalnins.

TrowelBlazers was written for the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival 2017 for schools to sing with us as part of the “Raising Horizons Exhibition”. It is for solo voice and female chorus and is performed by the composer.

Find out more about Charlotte Murchison on her Minerva Scientifica Page

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