C15th Chichele College at Higham Ferrars, Northants


May 08 2020

Echoes from Northamptonshire


On VE Day we celebrate an extraordinary WAAF Acting Corporal

She lived near C15th Chichele College at Higham Ferrers, Northants

Lilian Bader (1918 – 2015) Aircraft Instrument Engineer
Northamptonshire resident Lilian Bader overcame her disadvantaged background to become one of the first black women to serve in Britain’s Armed Forces during the Second World War and gain qualifications in aircraft engineering. She subsequently moved to Higham Ferrers, historic market town and picturesque birthplace of another determined woman – the militant suffragette, Alice Maud Shipley.
Find out more about Bader’s extraordinary achievements here: –

Amanda Ira Aldridge (1866 -1956) Composer & Singer
Aldridge studied singing with Jenny Lind, her father was a famous Shakespearean actor, and she taught Paul Robeson. She composed today’s song which was originally entitled “Azelea” but we have slightly altered the words to more closely represent the love story of Lilian Bader and her husband. It’s new title is “Her own dark eyed soldier” Listen here: –

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