May 21 2023

Minerva Scientifica PODCAST Episode 24: Songs for a Statue

21st May 2023

PODCAST Episode 24: Songs for a Statue
Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations

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Anya Pearson & Evie Swire from Mary Anning Rocks on either side of the statue with Prof Alice Roberts (R)

This birthday podcast celebarates both the 224th birthday of palaeontologist Mary Anning who was born in Lyme Regis, Dorset, on May 21st in 1799, and the unveiling of her statue on the same day, and almost the same place, in 2022 by sculptor Denise Dutton which was commissioned by Mary Anning Rocks.

The podcast includes music written by children in projects which ran in schools and attracted young composers to our Song Competition.

The struggles that the 2 women from Mary Anning Rocks had to have their vision realised, mirror the struggles of the great palaeontologist herself. The achievement of all those involved at the unveiling, veiwed by thousands of people, is clear to see – a lasting legacy that will insipre many young women for centuries.

Released on 21st May 2023 to celebrate Mary Anning’s 224th Birthday!

Anya Pearson – Chair, Mary Anning Rocks
Denise Dutton 
– Sculptor
Emma Bernard – Palaeontologist, Curator of Fossil Fish, Natural History Museum
Tom Sharpe – Biographer of Mary Anning – “The Fossil Woman”


  • Frances M Lynch “NOT Mary Anning – She sells sea shells (fossils!) on the sea shore” (2017) for mixed voices; Tongue Twister Song by Terry Sullivan – 1908; performed by the composer and singers from ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE – Jenny Miller (Mezzo), Laurence Panter (Tenor), Gwion Thomas (Baritone)
  • Judith Bingham Mary Anning, a history and a mystery” (2012) for solo voice, gravel and rocks – a study of the famous Victorian palaeontologist; words by Mary Anning, Molly Anning, Alfred Lord Tennyson and many more…; performed by Frances M Lynch
  • Judith Weir “I started Early – Took my Dog” from “On the Palmy Beach” (2019) for Soprano, Cello & Piano; words by Emily Dickinson; performed by Frances M Lynch (voice & instruments realised at the keyboard)
  • Winners of the 2022 Mary Anning Children’s Song Competition “A Song for Mary Anning” (2022), produced & arranged by Frances M Lynch & Herbie Clarke: Music and words by Cohen Baulch age 9; Year 3, Newton Poppleford Primary School; Sarah Mirkin age 8; Mabel Slade age 11; Class 1, Hawkchurch Church of England Primary School; Beech Class, Payhembury Primary School: – performed by Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy Choir and Cohen Baulch

To find out more about the all the scientists and composers involved in our projects please go to the Minerva Scientifica Website


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