Jean Valentine - WW2 Wren


Jul 07 2024

Minerva Scientifica Birthdays – Valentine & Barthélemon

7th July 2024
Jean Valentine
Codebreaker during World War 2
Centenary Celebrations!
BORN 7th July 1924, Perth, Scotland

Maria Barthélemon
Composer, Singer and Keyboardist
BORN 7th July 1749, Covent Garden, London

Jean Valentine (1924 –  2019) worked in secret at Bletchley Park, so we didn’t hear her story until very recently when the role of women codebreakers was celebrated there. In contrast it is the story of Maria Barthélemon (1749 – 1799) which is itself a secret, we know so little about her except that in her day she was famous!

You can find more about them on their Minerva Scientifica pages
Or listen below to our Podcast Series Episode 8: Secrets of Bletchley Park 
and the recording of  “The Lacemakers Prayer”

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Podcast Episode 8: Secrets of Bletchley Park
“Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations”

Jean Valentine - WW2 Wren

Jean Valentine (1924 –  2019)

Science historian  –  Catherine Booth
Presenter – Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director of electric voice theatre.

“A Cryptograhers Crossword” by Frances M Lynch for 2 solo voices and the sound of the Bombe machine sampled at Bletchley Park; performed by Margaret Cameron and the composer.



“The Lacemakers Prayer” by Maria Barthélemon

Written c.1790 for Soprano, Violins and Keyboard; Performed by Frances M Lynch and Jenny Miller (sopranos), Margaret Cameron (mezzo), David Sheppard (counter tenor), Julian Stocker (tenor) and Gwion Thomas (baritone)

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