Mar 29 2021

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration PODCAST

29th March 2021Evelyn Baxter
BORN 29th March 1879 Fife Scotland

A portrait photo of Evelyn Baxter

Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations
Episode 17: Birds in a Family Tree

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Tramping around every part of Scotland, Evelyn Baxter (1879-1959)  and her friend, Leonora Rintoul, are recognised as the foremost Scottish ornithologists of their day. The unique data they noted and collected was supplemented by accounts from others, and published in the two-volume Birds of Scotland (1953). A compelling story, which weaves together scientific and historical detail with warm remembrances of the family’s ‘Aunt Evie’.

Catherine Booth – Science Historian and retired Science Curator, National Library of Scotland
Mrs June Baxter – a member of Evelyn Baxter’s family

Marie Dare (1902–1976 )
“A widow bird sate mourning” for SATB Unaccompanied Choir; words by Percy Bysshe Shelley; performed by Frances M Lynch, Francis St. John and Herbie Clarke
 The Three Cherry Trees for voice and piano; words by Walter de la Mare; Margaret Cameron (Mezzo) and Frances M Lynch (Piano)
“The Grey Geese”  for voice and piano; words by C. Ethel Evans; performed by Frances M Lynch

Frances M Lynch
“Mary Mary” for children’s voices; performed by children from Aberdour Primary School, Fife
“On the Isle of May” for women’s voices; performed by Frances M Lynch
“Bats Moths and Biplanes” for Solo Singer with recorded manipulated voices, Bat clicks, Bi-plane engines and natural sounds; words by Frances M Lynch and DORIS MACKINNON; performed by evt singers – Frances M Lynch, Jenny Miller, Margaret Cameron, David Sheppard, Julian Stocker and Gwion Thomas

Lockdown has encouraged us to listen to birdsong; Evelyn Baxter was an expert at identifying their species by their song!

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