Feb 13 2021

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration

13th February 2021Isabella Leitch (1890–1980)
Nutritional Physiologist

BORN 13 Feb 1890, Grantown-on-Spey, Moray, Scotland

Scottish nutritional physiologist Dr Isabella Leitch OBE was based at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen. Apart from her important work she was a supporter of suffrage and was once asked to act as a decoy for one of the Pankhurst daughters! Women’s rights were important to this single mother, determined to continue working despite the social norms of the day being against her.

TODAY to celebrate her birthday 
we have published her Minerva Scientifica page
by Science Historian Catherine Booth

and find out more about this outstanding scientist
who was one of the first to understand how malnutrition affects growth in children
and how it leads to obesity in later life – as Booth says of her:

Social equality was one of Isabella Leitch’s passions. She saw how poverty affected the lives and development of children, and believed that everyone deserved an income which would enable them to afford a healthy diet.

What would she make of today’s Food Bank Britain
and fights over providing school meals to children who need them in the holidays…..


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