4 white flowers with broad open petals and a yellow stamen on a mossy bank of autumn colours


Sep 01 2023

Flower of the Month – September

Friday 1st September

Flower of the Month

Eliza Flower (1803–1846)
for soprano, mezzo and piano
from “Songs of the Months”
published by A J Novello
December 1834

performed by
Maxence Marmy – Soprano
Samantha Houston – Mezzo
Frances M Lynch – Piano

Find out more about the song and the singers here

In nature the flower of this month is Morning Glory which it seems the Victorians believed represented unrequited love, and indeed death. 

Recordings of the Songs of the Months are being released online each month,
beginning on February 14th 2023, and ending on Jan 1st 2024.
You can listen to all of those published so far HERE

The composer of each of the 12 songs is Eliza Flower (1803 – 1846), who set poetry provided by her close knit circle of literary friends, mainly women, including her sister Sarah Flower Adams. The result is an eclectic mix of songs which vere from romantic to dramatic harmony and from simple beauty to lively humour.
The short editorial introduction explains that each song appeared throughout 1834 in the Monthly Repository – a publication associated with South Place Chapel where Flower’s life and work was based.

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