spikes of brilliant blue flowers rise above deep green foliage


Jul 01 2024

Flower of the Month – July

1st July 2024

The Wanderer’s Lullaby
Eliza Flower (1803–1846)
for solo voice and piano
from “Songs of the Months”
published by A J Novello
December 1834

performed by
Kezia Robson – Soprano
Frances M Lynch – Piano
Find out more about the song and the singer here

YouTube Recordings of the Songs of the Months will be released online each month throughout 2024.

The composer of each of the 12 songs is Eliza Flower (1803 – 1846), who set poetry provided by her close knit circle of literary friends, mainly women, including her sister Sarah Flower Adams. The result is an eclectic mix of songs which vere from romantic to dramatic harmony and from simple beauty to lively humour.
The short editorial introduction explains that each song appeared throughout 1834 in the Monthly Repository – a publication associated with South Place Chapel where Flower’s life and work was based.spikes of brilliant blue flowers rise above deep green foliage
In nature the flower of this month is Larkspur also known as delphinium, which represents love and joy

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