Oct 16 2020


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Echoes from Essex OCTOBER PODCAST 2

October 16th 2020

“Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations”

Episode 12: The Queen of Slime Mould

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Gulielma Lister

Gulielma Lister

The 2nd of our October Echoes from Essex Podcasts 

Slime Mould?! ….. a most beautiful and mysterious animal-plant, investigated for us by UK expert Dr Gothamie Weerakoon of the Natural History Museum. She is joined by Maureen Measure from Leyton Historic Society and Dr Patricia Fara to discuss it’s importance in the life of local mycologist Gulielma Lister (1860-1949).
The music, reflecting the Lister family’s outdoor life includes:

“May Day Carol: The hedges and fields” for three unaccompanied equal voices by Imogen Holst; Words & Original Song from  Journal of the Folk-Song Society; Collected by Lucy E Broadwood in 1898 from Mr Faircloth, carpenter of Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire; Sung by Frances M Lynch, Margaret Cameron & Jenny Miller from evt.

“O we’ll go this day a rugglin’”  for solo male voice by Frances M Lynch, sung by Gwion Thomas & Essex Virtual Choir.

The series presenter is Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director of electric voice theatre. Part of  electric voice theatre’s Essex 2020 Minerva Scientifica project “Echoes from Essex” in collaboration with Chelmsford Civic Theatre.

bright yellow slime mold on bark

Slime Mold Image by Wildschuetz from Pixabay

May 30th – September 20th 2020

Running throughout the summer, we celebrated outstanding women in STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths & Medicine) from Essex past and present as part of ESSEX 2020.

 Minerva Scientifica – Connections 2020

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