Oct 19 2021

Voices for the Future VIRTUAL CHOIR “LOBSTERS & LIMERICKS” Session 1

Tuesday 19th October 6.30pm

VIRTUAL CHOIR PROJECT 2 – session 1 of 6


Every Tuesday at 6.30pm on Zoom Oct 19th – Nov 23rd 2021

Join our celebration of women of science in song!

It’s not too late to join us – we start the next project today too!

We will be breathing (always good), warming up our voices, getting some good vocal exercise, and some gentle physical exercise too, and singing songs about Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) Mycologist and Author and Marine Biologist Isabella Gordon (1901-1988)  – and all without leaving our living rooms. Open to everyone of any age and ability and especially families. CLICK HERE to find out more about the choir, and play the video below for a flavour of our last virtual choir in 2020.

Choir Leader: Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director of Electric Voice Theatre

 Please register via this link.

“Voices for the Future” seeks to discover, honour, and promote female voices past and present and to inspire, guide and build diverse VOICES FOR THE FUTURE.
Join us in celebrating women whose work, past and present, is deeply imbedded in our lives, even if we sometimes don’t realise it, and who are giving us hope for the future of our planet.

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