Sep 07 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Soundings from Essex 7

Faraday leans over a boat to give a card to smelly father Thames in the GREAT STINK of 1858 - black and white drawing

Cartoon from Punch Magazine, Volume 29 Page 26; 21 July 1855  Wellcome Collection gallery (2018-03-27):  Public Domain, Wikimedia

Monday Sept 7th 7pm  ZOOM EVENT

Water and Land: Splash, Burble, Gurgle, Whoosh (and the GREAT STINK!)

The World Premiere of a MegaSong written by Essex children with scientists from Essex & Suffolk Water which show just how far we have come from THE GREAT STINK of 1858 – the subject of this week’s smelly talk from Dr Patricia Fara. Cholera raged and dead animals drifted down the Thames and were swept out to sea along the Essex coast. It took the Great Stink of 1858 to eventually force the government to clean up London’s water.

The first of our celebrations of work by participants in the  “Echoes from Essex” project whose MEGASONG is accompanied by a new animation by Jack Cornell made up of images of the models the children made showing how lovely CLEAN water gets from the clouds to your tap – WATER’S WORTH SAVING!!!!!!! – especially as it doesn’t stink anymore……


Lauren Lister – British Sign Language Interpreter

“The Story of Splash, Burble, Gurgle and Whoosh – WATER’S WORTH SAVING!”  by Essex children who took part in workshops with Essex & Suffolk Water scientists, electric voice theatre composers Frances M Lynch and Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Essex Music Hub Workshop Leader Nicola Collis and Artist – Jack Cornell

Performed by the children themselves.

PRESENTATIONS & DISCUSSION (including audience Q&A)
Dr Patricia Fara – Science Historian, Emeritus Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge
Some of the composers and scientists involved in the workshops join in the conversation.


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A celebration of Essex’s splendid women of science!
Every Monday at 7pm on Zoom from July 27th – September 14th

In eight weekly episodes of music, art and conversation, historian Patricia Fara and modern scientists will discuss the achievements and frustrations of Essex’s female pioneers. Two special editions in September will feature music, art and science created by local people over the summer. All events include a live BSL interpreter.

Part of  electric voice theatre’s Minerva Scientifica project “Echoes from Essex” in collaboration with Chelmsford Civic Theatre.

May 30th – September 20th 2020

Running throughout the summer, we are celebrating outstanding women in STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths & Medicine) from Essex past and present as part of ESSEX 2020.

 Minerva Scientifica – Connections 2020

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