Apr 30 2021

Minerva Scientifica Birthday Celebration: Maria Ogilvie Gordon NEW PODCAST

30th April 2021Maria Ogilvie Gordon
Geologist and Pianist
BORN 30th April 1864, Monymusk, AberdeenshireMaria Matilda Ogilvie Gordon 1900 – Image M. Wachtler

Maria Ogilvie Gordon, DBE (1864 – 1939) set out to become a concert pianist but soon found herself trekking among the Dolomites, claiming her place as a highly respected geologist and taking part in negotiations at the Council for the Representation of Women in the League of Nations after WW1.

Check back on April 30th at 12noon
to hear more about her inspirational life
Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations
Episode 18: Mountains, Music and Deep Time

Catherine Booth – Science Historian and retired Science Curator, National Library of Scotland
Dr Emily G. Mitchell – PI and NERC Independent Research Fellow Deep-time Ecology Group, University of Cambridge

“The Voice of the Mountains”  by Helen Hopekirk (1856 – 1945) for voice and piano, performed by Frances M Lynch will be recorded especially for this podcast.

To find out more about Maria Ogilvie Gordon please go to her page on the Minerva Scientifica Website

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