Mar 17 2021


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Gulielma Lister Talk for Leyton Historical Society

7.45pm March 17th 2021

Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society

Gulielma Lister (1860-1949) – The Queen of Slime Moulds

A zoom talk & performance event

Gulielma Lister is Leytonstone’s World Expert on Fungi. A meticulous observer, illustrator and collector, she was world-famous for her research into slime mould and her continual support of younger female scientists.

Dr Patricia Fara – Science Historian, Emeritus Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge
Frances M Lynch – Singer and Composer, electric voice theatre
Dr Gothamie Weerakoon – Senior Curator of Lichens and Slime Moulds at the Natural History Museum, London

“A Sweet Country Life” for SATB, a Folk song from Gloucestershire, collected by Cecil J. Sharp, and “May Day Carol: The hedges and fields” for 3 female voices – both arranged by IMOGEN HOLST
“O we’ll go this day a rugglin’”  for solo voice by Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director of electric voice theatre.
“The Rustling of Grass” for voice and piano by Avril Coleridge-Taylor, text by Alfred Noyes
“Elfin Stream” for harp & strings by Clarke & Lynch

bright yellow slime mold on bark

Slime Mold Image by Wildschuetz from Pixabay

You can find out more about Gulielma in our

“Women of Science & Music: 30 celebrations”

Gulielma Lister

Gulielma Lister

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