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Reserve your free tickets now for our first performance at the Stroud Green Festival on Thursday 13th June at 6.15pm, HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, Granville Road, London, N4 4EL. The performance is preceded by a Touch Tour (5.45pm) for the visually impaired and has Integrated Audio Description. After a successful run at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a Scottish Tour, Five Star reviews and a special Editors Award we are delighted to announce the first English performance of the ECHOES PROJECT at Stroud Green Festival, London 2019. 

6.15pm THURSDAY 13TH JUNE 2019
(5.45pm Touch Tours)
Holy Trinity Church, N4 4EL
Minerva ScientificaEchoes from London
Stroud Green Festival
This performance is part of International Women in Engineering Day

Echoes from London is the first English species of our successful five-star Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance commemorating triumphs and histories of Scotland’s Superwomen of Science through a blend of music, song and spoken word. Featuring singer and composer Frances M Lynch, the show has been on a fabulous tour including the Highlands and Islands, entertaining its audiences and engaging with local communities. 

Check out our project last year in Eyemouth and St Abbs

Echoes from London has been specially created in collaboration with Stroud Green Festival, Stroud Green Primary School and the Women’s Engineering Society, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  Among others, the “Superwomen” featured include two suffragettes: a Stroud Green School Head  Agnes Metcalfe BSc, and the electrical engineer and physicist Hertha Ayrton from Finsbury Technical College who was a friend of Marie Curie and a prolific inventor.

Their stories are told through the music of women composers from the early 1700’s to the present day, including Haringey – born composer Madeleine Dring. Others are Anne Hunter (better known as a poet who often worked with Haydn), Helen Hopekirk (known as the 2nd Clara  Schumann),  and our own local composer and performer Frances M Lynch.

Created by electric voice theatre, Echoes is a Minerva Scientifica project that brings together professional performers with community musicians and school children. Together, we raise awareness of the rich heritage and deep connections between music and science, and inspire the next generation of future scientists.

Echoes – Berwickshire Coast

“Echoes – Berwickshire Coast” is the culmination of a year long Minerva Scientifica project in collaboration with Eyemouth High School Head of Music, Aubrey Sanderson; Meteorologist, Marjory Roy; Marine Ecologist, Dr Karen Diele and Eyemouth Hippodrome#EchoesScot

“Echoes – Berwickshire Coast” centred around the recording of a CD – “Stormsong 1881” – several performances and the creation of an exhibition at St Abbs Visitor Centre.

On the 14th of October 1881, a terrifying storm suddenly smashed into the Berwickshire Coast in the South East of Scotland, taking the lives of 189 fishermen, creating 107 widows and hundreds of orphans.
“Stormsong 1881” is a meteorological suite of music for voices, brass, woodwind and guitar commemorating the disaster, based on the estimated three-hourly weather observations for Eyemouth provided by meteorologist Marjory Roy.
It was written by 11 Eyemouth High School N5 and Higher Students, and recorded by 35 students and staff from Eyemouth High School, 82 children from Eyemouth Primary School and electric voice theatre.

A young visitor listening to “Stormsong 1881”

The resulting CD was put on sale at St Abbs Visitor Centre, alongside the video exhibit (above). The exhibit linked to Jill Watson’s sculpture commemorating the disaster, just outside the centre, and she kindly let us use an image on the CD cover and video.The centre received 3,650 visitors from the time of the installation until it closed for the winter on October 14th


Preparation for the events, recordings, and the exhibition saw us working with children over a series of workshops at Eyemouth Primary School. The 3 classes of Primary 6 & 7 were fantastic, enthusiastic participants, working with the Echoes-Berwickshire Coast team: –

I learned about two of the most famous scientists in the world

Marjory Roy – Meteorologist     The Weather circle running thing was special
Karen Diele – Marine Biologist
I liked the Marine Ecology Soundscape because I like Marine Animals
Frances M Lynch – Composer, Artistic Director      I was co-producer. It was really good
Herbie Clarke – Sound Design, Guitar     FUN!!
Margaret Cameron – Mezzo (BBC Singers) and Choir Leader     I learned how to sing
Caroline Lesemann-Elliott –  Choir Leader
I achieved singing in different times from others and I enjoyed this very much

I thought about becoming a scientist and musician 

 Workshops included creating physics soundscapes for and learning about Scottish Women Scientists like Marion Ross, Mary Somerville and Williamina Fleming

Performers at EBBA CENTRE, St Abbs, on June 18th

Back Row:  High School Instrumentalists with their teacher Aubrey Sanderson
2nd Row: left to right – Jenny Mercer (BSL Interpreter), Margaret Cameron (BBC Singer & evt), Dr Karen Diele (Marine Ecologist), Marjory Roy (Meteorologist), Frances M Lynch (evt director)
Front Row: – The Eyemouth Herring Queen 2017 with 2 of her courtiers and 3 singers from Eyemouth Primary School

Monday 25th June, 2pm, Eyemouth Primary School
84 children from P6 & 7 performed for their parents and some of the children from the rest of the school.

Tuesday July 3rd, St Abbs Visitor Centre
Meteorologist Marjory Roy, composer Frances M Lynch, BSL Interpreter Jenny Mercer, and sound designer Herbie Clarke, spent the day greeting visitors to the centre, showing them the exhibit film, discussing meteorology and encouraging them to buy the CD!

Two visitors talk with Frances M Lynch through the BSL interpreter about the exhibit

 The  Echoes – Minerva Scientifica Project is currently touring in Scotland. We have so far visited communities in Loch Tay, Isle of Coll, Strathpeffer and Caithness – and will continue with the tour into Kirkcaldy, Greenock and Aberdeen in 2019.
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