Mary Anning / Judith Bingham

Mary Anning“Mary Anning” by Judith BinghamNew Minerva Logo 15 small cropped

for solo voice, gravel and rocks 
a study of the famous Victorian paleontologist (premiered at St. Magnus Festival 2012 by Alison Wells)

Text by Mary Anning, Molly Anning, Anna Maria Pinney, Thomas Hawkins, Isaac Watts, H.F. Lyte, Charles Wesley, Alfred Lord Tennyson, David Hume, Gideon Mantell, Henry Kirke White, Thomas Love Beddoes, E.B.Pusey, Wisdom. Collated and added to by Judith Bingham. Hymn tune: St. Bride, by Samuel Howard.

I have been called prim, pedantic, shrewish, vinegar-looking, fossil, old maid, and worse.

 electric voice theatre production from Lyme Regis to the Stage

Photos by Chrissie Murray, Helen Vincent, Robin Walter and Herbie Clarke
For more information about Mary Anning and fossil hunting please visit the following websites:

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